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Mountains In Nepal
Mountains In Nepal

Travel Nepal, it is a small landlocked country, in-between the great Tibetan highlands and the fertile lands of India. It has fused to form a unique country full of natural, cultural and historical diversity. The fusion has formed the great Himalayas, grand rivers, valleys and deep gorges. And what more to expect when this fusion is combined with the unique culture and tradition? Nepal may be tiny in the world geography. But no other country boasts what Nepal does within a place small such as this.

From Trekking in the great Himalayas, to watching the rare flora and fauna, NobleTreks offers the tourists a chance for a great adventure. You choose Nepal to enjoy flying like a free bird in a paraglider to jumping in one of the wildest, fastest rivers of the world in a bungee. Visit this wonderful country blessed by the sages in the past to find peace in your heart. Visit this diversified nation, yet unified among themselves to trek in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal comprises many adventurous activities. For instance, when you pass through high passes to have a stunning view of the mountains that lie ahead of you. It gives you a sense of having completed a daring adventure in yourself. At the same time, having enjoyed the untouched and affected local culture of the local people. If you aspire to be within the lap of the mountains to enjoy the silence of the Himalayas but the sounds of the songs of the birds and the folk songs of the people, you continue your journey to Nepal. If you wish to travel cities of “More gods than humans and more temples than houses” and “Cities of Seven Lakes”, you choose Nepal. You choose Nepal for trekking like the one in four tourists who visit Nepal do. NobleTreks is here to help you make your holiday count. Come with us, and you will have an experience like no other.

"One of the best countries for adventure Destination in the world" -National Geographic Adventure Magazine. 2008
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