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Trekking in Nepal


Bird watching in Nepal


Nepal is one of the most diversified countries in terms of having different species of animals. That is mainly because of the climate and topography found in Nepal. As the landscapes range from mountains to plain lands of Terai, there is great deal in difference of the flora and fauna found in Nepal. That is why Nepal has one of the rarest species of birds too.

Nepal ha 867 species of birds and many of which are endangered not only in Nepal but in the whole world. These birds make 8% of the world’s total species of the birds. Among these many species, 35of them are globally threatened.

Within Kathmandu valley only, a record shows that 500 different species of the birds can be found.  Phulchoki is the best place in Kathmandu for bird watching. The birds recorded here are babblers, warblers, tits, thrushes, minivets, woodpeckers, eagles and many migrant birds.

Bird watching nepal


Another wonderful place for bird watching is Shivapuri Watershed, which is just 11 from Kathmandu valley. Some of the birds that dominate this place with their beauty are blue magpies, kalij pheasants, Bonelli’s eagles, great Himalayan barbets and so on.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve also happends to be a great place to be in if you are a bird enthusiast. Somebirds found here duck, ibises, storks, herons, egrets, Bengal floricans (Eupodotis Bengalensis), swamp partridges (Francolinus gularis), and migratory waterfowl.

Chitwan National Park also has many birds with a fascinating number of 255 species.  There are many speciesof  parakeets, and many other birds such as Blue-Throat (thrush), Long-tailed Nightjar, Indian Peafowl, Great Barbet, red-billed blue magpie and Tickell’s red-breasted blue flycatcher.

Apart from these many bird watching sites, there are other bird watching sites too such as Bardia National Park, Annapurna Conservation Area and so on. Also many trekking routes of Nepal also provide the trekkers with pleasant sites of birds sitting on the trees and sing their songs.

Bird Watching Special Package

6 Nights / 7 Days
  • 407 species of birds
  • Rare birds
  • Bengal florican and sarus crane
  • Sightseeing
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Birding In Shivapuri National Park

2 NIghts / 3 Days
  • 318 species of birds
  • Long-tailed Billboard
  • Newest & smallest National Park
  • Restricted-range species
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Bird Watching in Bardia

3 Nights / 4 Days
  • Bardia National Park (968 sq km)
  • 407 species of birds
  • Bengal florican and sarus crane
  • Sal forest and grasslands
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Bird Watching in nepal Chitwan

3 Nights / 4 Days
  • Over 567 birds
  • Two-thirds of Nepal's globally threatened species
  • Globally threatened spotted eagle
  • World Heritage Site
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Koshi Tappu Birding tour

  • over 400 different species of bird
  • Sapta Koshi River
  • Water birds
  • Ramsar site,
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