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Cable Car Facility started in Chandragiri

“The distance between Kathmandu and Thankot is 16 kilometres with approximately 31 minutes of travelling time. The single length of cable car project is around two and a half kilometres from near Godam at Thankot with the travelling time of 9 minutes. People willing to drive would have to pass through seven kilometres of rough road to reach the hill top. Another option for the visitors to reach the top is three hour long trek.”-
10th May 2016 – Thankot-Chandragiri cable car route is all set to be fully operational in a month’s period of time. The route, after being functional, will take out the monopoly of Manakamana Cable Car, by providing the facility to the city dwellers.
The facility was to open in the New Years time. But due to the earthquake and the unofficial blockade by India, the opening was delayed. Already 3 billion of investment has been done in the project An additional 90 million has been used to construct the nearby temple of Bhaleshwor.
The Facility is owned by Kathmandu Fun Park. Director of the park, Ambika Prasad Paudel claims that it will help to shorten the trips and at the same time provide some of the best views of Kathmandu valley and the mountains in the background.
The stakeholders hope that it boosts the tourism of Kathmandu as well the fun park itself. The facility also plans to bring both the domestic and international tourists in the Fun Park. Furthermore, Kathmandu Fun Park plans to develop the site into an integrated entertainment place by adding attractions like a boutique hotel, a mini-amusement park, rock-climbing, zip flying, paragliding, a 6D theatre and a botanical garden, as well as branded shops.
“Chandragiri Hill, seven kilometres from Thankot, lies on the South-West of Kathmandu Valley and is 2540 metres from sea level. Soaring peaks and breath taking views of whole Kathmandu Valley covered with lush green blanket of flora makes Chandragiri truly a great bountiful and pristine landscape. The panoramic views of Kathmandu Valley & Himalayan ranges from Annapurna to Everest make any one feel like seeing whole Nepal from this hill.”-
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