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Call for disaster relief Volunteer in Nepal


Disaster Relief Volunteers

In order to help earthquake victims of Nepal, Noble treks is organizing troop to help victims in different affected

areas of Nepal. This is small initiative taken by noble treks which can help victims return to their daily life.

As quick relief campaign for the affected people are about to complete so, this is time for reconstruction of the damaged houses and other public properties. Not only properties we need to normalize the psychological problems that has been caused due to the disaster


What Would Volunteers Do?

Disaster volunteers would be sent to the affected areas, they would be responsible in order to remake the public

properties like schools, health post and public houses.

They can work in local schools in order to teach students and make they think something else than just the disasters.

They can work in the sector of sanitation of the local area, so they can stop communicable diseases.


Who are eligible?

Each and every individual willing to serve in the nation where disaster have just stroke are eligible to apply. Those who would like to help the victims of the recent earthquake and would like to give their effort to re-establish them.

Volunteer Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival Kathmandu

Day 2: Briefing and packing

Day 3- Day 12: Volunteering In Affected Areas

Day 13: Return to Kathmandu

Day 14: Further Activities or fly back

Note: Number of days and itinerary can be customized as per the volunteer’s requirement.

Current Required Volunteers In Nepal

  • Architect
  • Civil Engineers
  • Health Workers
  • Teachers
  • Others


Why with noble trek?

As many people nowadays are willing to help victims of the disaster, we are taking initiation to come them together and help them work in a group. Obviously if any volunteers come via us then we could segregate group according to the interest and they ability so, each and every group will have all the members from all the fields. And the group activities can be accomplished easily.


Why are you paying us?

Noble trek is not making profit from this campaign. The money you pay is just for your living and transportation cost that you do in Nepal.

What will be covered by the money you pay:

  • Your transportation while you are in Nepal
  • Your all meals while you are in Nepal
  • Your accommodation in Nepal (Tents & Hotels)
  • Nominal logistics you require in Nepal



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    This means that there are countless types of volunteers and skillsets that can be valuable for these types of projects. Take a look at a few of the common types of volunteering activities and projects aimed at disaster relief around the world.

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