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Raute: Nomadic people of Nepal

Raute: Nomadic people of Nepal

Recently on May 9th, did a photo feature on the last remaining nomadic people of Nepal. Andrew Newey was the lead photographer who captured the photographs. Giving the details of the Rautes, it said that they lived in the forest of Accham’s Middle hills. They also highlighted that the rautes were the last remaining nomadic people of Nepal. Though they are known to migrate from places to places according to the availability of the resources upon which they live, did not mention about it.

Giving further insight on the lifestyle of Raute, it wrote that they live in temporary camps and make their tents with wooden branches. They also hide and live away from the villagers. It also mentioned that they move their camps ever few weeks on different hills and mountains. It is however, not mentioned that they speak Chepang language, which nearly 37,000 people speak in Nepal

Writing more about the Rautes, they also gave information that the work was according to gender. While male are away hunting, women are busy in day to day activities such as cooking, washing and collecting water. The Rautes depend mainly on the forest. They only cut common species of trees which is very good.

The Raute hate agriculture because they regard sowing seeds as agriculture. That’s why they depend mainly in the forest and not agriculture. And because they depend on the forests, they sometimes encounter wild animals. Just recently, one of their own tribes was injured and the other was killed by an attack from bear. And if someone dies at a certain place, they migrate to another place.

When asked why they don’t study, they reply that the whole world has studied and their study is theirs. They also believe that their own culture and tradition should be prioritized than other.

Though, from the Government of Nepal they have been getting pressure to comply to the normal standards of living, they still live in the secretive ways as always.

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