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Visiting Bungmati

Visiting Bungmati

Visitng Bungmati was just my weekly routine to taste new food in some new place. As, every week i visit some new place to try some new and local cuisine. But this time other than cuisine i took some images for the remembrance of ancient lifestyle although in this modern era. Bungmati has never changed its look which is the most beautiful part that we should not miss it while in Nepal.

Bungmati is a newar village that lies in Karyabinayak Municipality. I took this pictures form my cell phone when i was just hanging with my friends in the newari village. Just moving to bungmati and khokana in order to have some newari delicious.

I ought to keep these images in this site, so it will be easy for peoples see the snaps of bungmati prior their physical visit to the place. Although Images are not good as taken by professional camera this will surely help to imagine the life style of the people.


On The Way To Bungmati

Bungmati Image


Visiting Bungmati

Ancient method to dry chilli

bungmati image

House As Seen

Bungmati image

method to dry crops

Visiting Bungmati


Visiting Bungmati

Vegetation in Bungmati

Photo By:

Pramod Shah

Pramod ShahPramod from Nepaljung is Management expert in weekdays and foodie in weekend. This time he was in bungmati in order to taste newari cuisine from the locals. With the taste he also captured some snaps not expert yet good memory to share with world.

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