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Zero rhinos poached in last two years in Nepal

This year the news for the animal lovers is very great, especially in Nepal. Since 1st May 2014, 0 rhinos have been poached and over the last five years, the number is just 3. What is even more impressive to see is that while in the last year alone, 1,300 rhinos have been poached in the whole of Africa, Nepal ahs been very successful to stop the poaching.
Nepal has done excellently well in the last two years to stop the poaching. Not only our country has to fight against constant corruption, our country has to utilize its resources very well because it is very poor. Another direct threat to the rhinos is the neighboring country of China, where market values of rhino’s horns at $100,000. “Nepal’s success story is attributed to an array of converging factors, but conservation officials say the pivotal reason is a pairing of tough, intensive, anti-poaching measures with efforts to convince villagers in rhino country that their incomes and lifestyles would be improved by helping to preserve wildlife and its habitat.” Reports
The other major reasons for the decrease in the number of poaching is the fact that over a thousand 1,000 Nepalese guards roam around the area. They are also helped by the installed droids. At the same time, the rangers are helped by the telephones that are constantly connected with the headquarters where they can analyze the data too.
This is a remarkable achievement not only for Nepal, but for the whole world. While Nepal certainly looks to continue its glorious efforts, it is to be seen as to how much of the support does it get fro the rest of the world combined. This news, having caught a global attention, can be a signal that Nepal is ready to take down the poachers. And so should the other countries learn from Nepal.
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