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BUNJEE JUMPING/ CANYONING in Nepal was first started in Bhote-Khosi River, at height of 160m from the river. The site is one of the best bungee jumping sites in the world as it is the world’s second highest bungee jumping site at 3600ft. The site is in the eastern Nepal and on the way of Araniko Highway. The driving should not take more than 3 hours given that it is an ordinary day. The bridge is Swiss designed and can hold up to 41,500 kg. Connecting the two sides of a large valley, the 166m wide suspension bridge is Nepal’s longest suspension bridge.

A man doing a bungee jump

The jump is obviously thrilling, and jumping towards a fast flowing wild river with ropes tied on our legs and waist, we will have a life-changing experience. A plunge towards this scary tropical gorge will also give you an incredible (and upside down) view of the Bhote Kosi River. Adrenaline rushes through our body, we go into free fall and everything else becomes blur as we go through the jump. It is a sport not advised for those with weak hearts.

Before BUNJEE JUMPING/ CANYONING, everyone is weighed before the fall. The operators use different ropes according the weight of the person. The Green, Red and Black cords are used for light, heavy and heavier accordingly. The jumps are conducted by experienced jump masters, thereby avoiding any mishaps. Experts all around the globe have confirmed the safety of the jump too.

The area around the jumping site is covered with dense forests and it gives fantastic scenery all around. If one wishes to stay there for two days, then they also have the option of going rock climbing and rafting too, which are obviously other adventurous sport that brave hearts can look forward to.

You might think that it is dangerous, but it is one of the touristic activities that is safe, simple and least expensive. And you also don’t have to spend days learning to fly the paraglider, there is a well experienced guide who makes the flight for you

Canyoning is such a sport where you hang in the ropes to go along the waterfalls and canyons. The adventurer has to walk, slide, climb and swim at the same time to get from the starting point to the ending. While many of the people find it mind refreshing, other people also consider it as an amazing activity that gives us fun rather than just pure difficulty.

Nearly dozen places in Nepal have the facility of canyoning and some of the famous places are BhoteKoshi, Sunkhoshi, Kakani and Marshyangdi. The experts who fully trained and experienced will be the ones helping you in this daunting act. However, before thinking of doing this adventure, just make sure that you are physically fit and have the guts to do it.

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