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Nepal is slightly –sometimes heavily- influenced by its neighbors, India and China in terms of culture and traditions. Nepalese food and cuisine in the same manner is also influenced by those countries. However, because of the fact that Nepal has 123 unique ethnic groups, we can say that Nepal is blessed in terms of foods.

Nepalese food is as diverse as the country itself. Nepalese basically eat food thrice a day. Two heavy meals in the morning and the evening and a light snacks in the afternoon is the basic criteria of the Nepalese food. But, during several occasions, they break this trend too.


  • Dal bhat (lentils and rice)
  • Tarkari (spiced vegetables)
  • Aachar
  • Rotis (flat pancake-like bread made from wheat or rice flour)
  • Momos (handmade dumplings filled with meat or veggies; order them friend or steamed)
  • Cel roti (Nepali equivalent of a donut; circular, fried dough) Chapatti (similar to roti but thinner)
  • Choyla (diced and roasted water buffalo, spiced and eaten with rice)
  • Pani puri (round pastries filled with spices, potatoes, and water)
  • Thukpha (Tibetan stew of noodles and meat


  • Lassi (curd mixed with sugar in a mixture of sweet and salty flavours)
  • Lassi (curd mixed with sugar in a mixture of sweet and salty flavours)
  • Raksi (wheat or rice alcohol)
  • Butter tea (popular among Tibetan cultures; the combination of salt, butter, and hot water)

One of the things that you should while in Nepal is the taste Mo:Mo. Mo:Mos are the Chinese like dumplings, but offer different taste. Mo:Mo is internationally recognized food that was originated at the hands of Newar community. Mo:Mo great offers variety, for instance from Veg Mo:Mo to Non-Veg. Even in Non-Veg, chicken and buff are the major animals that are used. Mo:Mos themselves apart from the kind of spices they use inside, range up to 23 and this is ever growing. You do not want to miss this.

Nepalese food is also very different from place to place. Nepal is divided into 3 main geographical areas and as is its food according to the geography itself. It is also worth mentioning that the local foods vary from place to place. Even different families tend to have different sets of cooking methods. That is because some of the cookers of the family, who are mainly daughters and mothers have started to evolve during the time period. But the basic factors remain the same. Rice is very important in the Nepalese cuisine. Most people prefer to have rice as constant and have different curry at different times. But others like to have roti (bread) as their main food sometimes. Once you arrive here in Nepal, you will know that the people of Nepal have heavy spices in their food, which makes the food have a unique taste and that is good.

Other important foods of Nepal are Alu-tama (potato and bamboo shoots), Chamre( fried rice but totally different taste), Samosa, Dudh roti( dumplings cooked in milk) and most importantly Khuwa. Another food made from the Yak milk by the Himalayan people is Churpi, which is totally different from normal foods. Newar community provides us with one of the most diverse foods in Nepal in a single ethnic group. Their cuisine ranges from Mo:Mos to Chapati. From Chhoila(kind of a barbeque) to Yamari(sweets inside of flour), the range is almost indefinite.

For culinary tourism in Nepal, you don’t have to travel to all the local places where those cuisines are found specifically. Instead, you can just travel around Kathmandu valley, nearly all the foods are made on demand. But, tasting those meals from the hands of the locals is a totally different feeling. You get extra deliciousness when the food you eat is cooked by the local people. Come to Nepal to experience a totally different set of foods to give your tongue rest from your local foods.

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