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Your day starts as you have a hot tea/coffee early in the morning at 5-7am. Depending on the length of trekking route, you will have to get up early or maybe a little late. After that you will have breakfast and then get ready to leave for yet another enjoyable trekking day. You might want to pack your luggage and give it to the porters too.

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After breakfast we head to our destination of the day. The trekking starts on the cool morning. The trekking route is mainly on the forests, hills and mountains.. So you will see many different types of vegetation and different species of animals too. Some of the trekking routes might also have some very rare species. If the trekking route is on the hills, you generally walk on the edge of the hill. From there, you can see splendid and amazing scenes all around. And at the same time, along the trial, there will be plenty of villages and monasteries too. So you will be blessed with the diversified ethnicity and their culture and tradition.

Usually around mid-day, we stop for lunch. The time for lunch is plenty so you will have a lot of time to relax and at the same time, talk with your companions about the trekking. At the same time, you can stretch your legs for sometime and get a rest.

This rest gives you an enrgy to continyue further into the trekking. So the day will be fun. After that, you will again trek to reach the destination of that particular day. And depending on the trekking route, you will be able to catch breathtaking views of glorious mountains and green hills around.

Some days you will have to trek all the days, and other days, you might have to trek for only 4 hours too. Sometimes, you will reach the destination at the dawn and you will trek along the way enjoying the sunset too. But if there is some time left, you will get to roam around the place and also explore place. If you interested in photography, then all the day, you will have plenty of time to do so.

After having dinner, you can do as you desire. Chat with your friends, make a campfire or maybe join the porters in social activities. Playing cards can be very entertaining at this stage. You will also have a lot of time to reflect on your day, and according to your wish, you can also write your diary too. At this time, looking at the photos that you have captured all the day long can be one of the many things that will make your day more interesting.

Before going to bed, the guide will talk you for some time. He will ask you how you felt today and what will happen tomorrow. Then you get a pretty clear idea of how the following day is going to be. And if you have any queries you can of course the guides. At the same time, you can also run a feedback session.

This is just a sample of trekking of one day. If you want to know the day to day activities of a particular trekking route, then please visit the respective trekking routes on our website.

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