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Travelling With Kids

Nepal as a family destinationNepal may be one of the finest destination for family adventure. Exploring Nepal, Its natural and cultural diversities, understanding its traditonal norms and values will be extraordinary experience for the whole family. Its like exploring the new world. You may also enjoy wildlife at various wildlife parks.

Adventure trek with family is of great value and It worths great for your family to meet new peoples. In Nepal you and your children can have fun and enjoy with nature, ecosystem and also with magical cultural and religious traditions.

Before You Travel With Kids:

See your doctor about vaccinations beforehand, if appropriate

Take care of children’s food and diet.

Take all sterilising equipment with you if your child is bottle-fed. or ask us to manage it.

Tips while travelling Nepal with kids:

  • Don’t choose route above 4000m while travelling with childrens. As they may easily suffer with altitude sickness.
  • Spend night in hotels/tea house where medical assistance can be found easily.
  • Travelling mode to the trail is by bus or car, but for children moving long way in car may cause car sickness, so we will provide service which may be suitable as per your suggestion.
  • Avoid animals such as dogs, cats and monkeys to reduce the risk of bites.
  • While involving in any of the adventure activity make sure your child is safe and comfortable, don’t force upon any activity on your child specially, in which they show hesitation.
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