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Village tour of Nepal offer you the opportunity of living in the typical Nepalese villages. You home stay in the houses that are of the traditional Nepali design and engineering. Apart from this, you will also get the chance to interact to those villagers through our guides and do some photography if you are interested in those kinds of activities.

You want to continue on to Village tour, because those villages are completely out of the effect of modernization and you get a chance to have a unique experience of the unique tradition of the villagers. You will eat what the villagers have, and what they produce in their lands. Typical Nepali cuisine is of Dal, Bhat(curry and rice) and Gunduk and Dhindo. You will get a chance to help them in their day to day activities and at the same time gather new ideas about new things in the villages.

Apart from these things, you will also be helping to make the lives of the villagers better. This will give you a satisfaction too and you will have also learned a ­­lot of new things. If you have a nature of helping other people and see the happiness and smile spread around the faces of the less fortune than you, then this is just the kind of the tour you should be looking forward. And NobleTreks is all about making sure that you get to where you want to go.

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