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Bhutan Tour : Bhutan is one of the landlocked countries of South Asia. Thimpu is the capitalof Bhutan. While the country is surrounded by India on the south, east, and west, only China surrounds it on the Northern side.

Bhutan has been very successful to protect its culture and tradition. One fine example is how he Bhutanese government requires employees to wear the national dress at work and while visiting schools and other government offices. The national dress for Bhutanese men is the gho, a knee-length robe tied at the waist by a cloth belt known as the kera. Women wear an ankle-length dress, the kira, which is clipped at the shoulders with two identical broaches called the koma and tied at the waist with kera. The Bhutanese celebrate Punakha festival, one of the most colorful and energetic festivals is a major attraction of Bhutan. Mask dance also takes us into the very heart of the Bhutanese culture.

Bhutan is mainly known to be a place of Happiness. A global survey in 2006 showed that the small country is the happiest place Asia and 11th in the whole world. While a significant number of people follow Hinduism, Buddhism is followed by the most. In 2007, Bhutan transformed from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy.

The capital city of Bhutan Thimpu itself serves as an excellent place to be. Zorig Chusum School of traditional arts a must visit place to apprehend the traditional arts of Bhutan. During the weekends we ought not to miss the archery competitions that are happening all over the capital. Another thing that many of the people love about Bhutan is its excellent cuisine filled with chilies in almost all the food. And Bhutan is popular for this fact too. Paro valley which has the country’s only international airport, is a very beautiful valley. Paro Dzong, Drukgyel Dzong and the National museum are some of the popular place to be in. Taktsang Monastery also known as tiger’s nest, is a monastery of great importance to the people of Bhutan. Above 1000m above the ground of the Paro valley, it challenges the trekkers to reach the monastery and be back. However, the scenery of both the monastery and the valley as seen from the monastery both are great.

All of these factors contribute to make Bhutan a most visit nation of the South Asian region and with Bhutan tour, the sky is the limit for beauty.

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