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Everest Region Trekking

The Everest Base Camp Trek is a dive you dip in to explore the ultimate Himalayan virtues. From spying four of the world’s tallest peaks to ambling around the ethos of Sherpa residency, you’ll live a whole new life along the trails. The enchanted villages seated at the serenity of Himalayas will make you want to settle there forever. The unbroken stretch of the snow clad peaks unveils from behind the confluence of hills and clouds to greet your arrival. You’ll find your friend and even your own self reflection among the enthusiastic trekkers you met throughout the trail. The welcoming smiles of the Sherpas at your unwinding stops will make you melt on the inside even when it freezing cold outside. The rich histories laden in the Buddhist monasteries will speak of the ancients to you. Meanwhile your endurance will make you feel the bravest version of yourself. Eventually, when you descend down, you’ll be high on euphoria.

Gokyo Valley Trek
  • Duration: 15 NIGHTS / 16 DAYS
  • Country:Nepal
  • Season:Summer / Spring
Everest Base Camp Trek
  • Duration:13 NIGHTS / 14 DAYS
  • Country:Nepal
  • Season:Summer / Spring
Everest Base camp via Gokyo Lake trek
  • Duration: 16 NIGHTS / 17 DAYS
  • Country:Nepal
  • Season:Summer /Spring
Jiri to Everest Base Camp trek
  • Duration: 20 NIGHTS / 21 DAYS
  • Country:Nepal
  • Season:Summer
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