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Tibetan region is mostly occupied by the Tibetan people, and many other ethnic groups such as Monpa, Qiang and Lhoba peoples with an area of 1.228 million sq. km. Tibet is at an elevation of 4,900 meters which makes it the highest point in the Earth. This region ultimately peaks out to Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the Earth.

The Tibetan people speak their own language, which is Tibetan language. While some other ethnic groups have their own languages, the majority of them speak the Tibetan language. There are over 800 known settlements and most popular of them are Gyantse and Qamdo while Shigaste is also one of the largest. Potala Palace and Norbulingka are two world heritage sties of the area while there is no scarcity of temples and monasteries all around.

Tibet is a land of ancient Buddhist culture and contains centuries old monasteries and painting s and many statues that are invaluable. The mighty Himalayas had been isolating the place from the rest of the world just until recently, but after the wave of tourism started in the place, it has been one of the most visit places in any tourist’s listing.

The Tibetan people mainly are focused in agriculture and livestock raising that plays a major part in their economy. But recently, tourism has also been playing a very important part in all that too.

The Potala palace is arguably symbol of the Tibet and it stands majestic with red and white color ahead of the brown mountain. Barkhor street is in the Lhasha Pilgrimage Circuit. Many of the pilgrims make round trip of the place, and it is sacred to the followers of the Buddhist religion. It is very much interesting while joining the pilgrims as they make their round trip to Jokhang Temple.

Samya monstery the first built in the Tibetan region is somehow regarded as the established place of the Tibetan Buddhism. And while in Tibet, this monastery is not to be missed. The monastery lies in a valley and surrounded by barren lands and sand dunes. The view of the monastery itself is amazing.

The most important thing that is not to be missed of the Tibetan region is the culture of the place itself. The place is so very rich in the culture that wherever we go, the place somehow depicts the rich culture of the Tibetan reigon. While many monasteries are very beautiful and historically important and popular, none of them fail to deliver to the rich culture of the Tibetan region. Tashilhunpo Monastery is hugely appreciated for its’ grand and majestic architecture.

Overall, there are many other places to visit too. For instance, Yamdrok Lake provides us a very beautiful view of the lake that is a sight to behold once in our lifetime. Another example is of the Sera monastery, where the monks debate against each other and it is also a incident not to be missed.

Lhasa Kailash Tour
  • Duration: 17 NIGHTS / 18 DAYS
  • Country:China
  • Season:All Time
Tibet Overland Tour
  • Duration:8 Days
  • Country:China
  • Season:All Time
Lhasa Tour (Fly In/ Fly Out)
  • Duration: 3 NIGHTS / 4 DAYS
  • Country:China
  • Season:All Time
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