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Why Noble Treks?

The startup company redefining the meaning of tour and trekking is here. Noble Treks is a Startup Company by travel passionate from Nepal. It has been established in order to give the best service possible for the trekkers and also for the tourist willing just to do sightseeing or other touristic activities in Nepal. Noble treks work as trek planner where we plan the trek as per your requirement.

We have started this organization in order to give trekking and tour services to the tourist willing to visit Nepal. A question may arise why and how we are different. While running the team, this has been a major question and issues within us. We justified our statement with the below reasons:

  • Cost Effective: – This point has been guaranteed by all trekking and tour operators worldwide. But we can be proud at this point as we give similar services as other with reasonable prices. Our cost may be similar to other agencies operating trek and tour in Nepal but why we assume ourselves cost effective is we provide other extra services at a similar cost.
    1. Free trekking equipments:  Why should you buy things that you should use only once? So, we provide all equipments to the trekkers required in order to trek in mountains. Our free trekking equipment includes trekking poles, rain coat, duffel bag, sleeping bag and down jacket (we don’t provide shoes)
    2. Cultural show:  We provide free cultural show to our clients if you have booked multi day package with us. We give you chance not only to see the natural beauties but also to show our cultural richness if time allows you.
    3. Nepalese cuisine:  We give you chance to taste Nepalese cuisine from our side. We just don’t want to make money. We want to show who we are and what Nepal is. You will get chance to have Nepalese Cuisine in Some fine restaurants of Nepal.
  • Free Information Secession: – We know you are here for holiday and you don’t want anything formal. But in order to know and to get actual advantage to make your vacation memorable. We provide some half hour information secession with small presentation. So, you will get chance to get information regarding Nepal. What you should see in Nepal and what you should not miss. We know it is not enough to show all the information but we will try to make it informative and also don’t want to waste your time from your vacation.
  • Participation in Local Festivals: – Nepal is rich country for its different kinds of festivals. Once you are here and if any festival coincide then you will get chance to enjoy it in local style. We will have fun together. You will get chance to learn new rituals and also get information regarding our local culture. You will really enjoy it. If there is no festival then we will be unable to show this but we can demonstrate you regarding festivals in Nepal. We will provide full calendar of upcoming events, you can arrange your trip as per if you are interested.
  • Tailor Made: – You just send your interest, your time limitation and your budget. Our travel expert will plan perfect Holiday for you as per interest.
  • Worry Free Travel:– Once you are in Nepal we plan each and every activity, accommodation, meals in Nepal (As per your interest). Just take care of your vacation we will take care of rest.
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